Fried Rice Easy Recipe With Egg Healthy Come Just 10 Minute

Do you want to change a new recipe for dinner, annoying by day and day’s same foods or dishes, need a new and excellent Asia classic Chinese side dish? Okay, I get it. Recipe for stir fry rice, and help you stir fry rice recipe easy and comes together in just 10 minutes!Fry rice with egg in Chinese traditional recipe, especially the Yangzhou chow fan, but now spread to many countries. Today there are many kinds of fry rice with eggs, like Korean stir fry rice, Japanese stir fry rice, and so on.

If you really want to make this recipe, there are some tips you need to follow.


A bowl of bowl rice (the rice you can use any type of rice, long rice, medium rice, as you like.)
Ham sausage.
Half carrot.
2 Eggs.
Spring onion.

Oil(Chiese cooking oil like sesame oil can be available)


1. Finely diced ham sausage, carrot, spring onion. remember cut them smaller better. As the size of rice grains is best.
2. Use the Chinese wok, add oil to scramble eggs, don’t saute too long time.

3. Put ham sausage, carrot, and half part spring onion saute to you can smell the good fragrance.
4. Put rice to saute.

5. Add a little salt.
6. Continue to stir fry a few mins and you can take out to eat.



Honestly, fried rice is a more creative recipe in Chinese.

You can change every ingredient if you want. Doesn’t like veggies? just give it up! Doesn’t like soy sauce? just give it up! Want some sugar? Okay, add it! You don’t need to have too many concerns. JUST DO IT AS YOU LIKE!

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